decorative accessories for the home


From doorstops to large ottoman stools and mini cushion tech stands, our beautiful accessories showcase best-selling designs as practical products in a range of fabrics, styles, sizes and colours. Every single one is made to order to assure the highest quality!


These fabric door stops come complete with leak-proof inners, velcro or ribbon string openings and tag handles - you only need to fill them with your choice of weighted material. Perfect for keeping doors and windows open, these decorative door wedges can alternatively be used as unusual and unique gift bags.

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Draught Excluders

Long, plush accessories which come filled with sturdy inner pads. Browse the entire collection to see our range of double-sided and contrast-piped designs. Perfect for use as door wedges and draft stoppers, these products also work well as small pillows, back rests and colourful accents around the home.

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Ottoman Stools

Huge, comfortable footstools available in two shapes - round cylinders and cubes. These giant cushions come with with polystyrene bean bag fillers and are designed to be used as seats, chairs, foot rests and pouffes. We also recommend them for use by children or as decorative storage and display shelves!

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Mini Bean Bags

Pumpkin-shaped bean bags for holding and displaying e-readers, Kindles, iPads and tablets, iPhones and smartphones, game consoles, books, magazines and recipe books. Useful for the kitchen while cooking or the bed while reading, these small cushions save you from neck- and arm-strain, allowing you to view any device hands-free. They can also be used as portable travel pillows and weighted doorstops.

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